When a driver starts his car, he begins his journey to which ever destination he intends to go. He is the only person who can take the car to its destination, he is the only person who can increase or decrease the speed of the car and the only one who can stop the car from moving.

A driver can decide to drive his car into the bush or decide to either drive recklessly or carefully and no one will question his decisions including the road safety and other law enforcement agents on the road. A careful driver will always get to his destination without pain or scratch but a reckless driver might never get to his destination.

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You are the Driver, your Life is the car. You are the Driver of your Life.
Only you can mould your life to suit your taste. Only you can drive your car to the destination you want.
You can shape your journey with the decisions you make and the steps you take.
You will not questioned for deciding to drive your Life towards the right Path or into the bush.

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Your destination is your Dream. A driver will not get to his destination with his eyes closed or if he is busy looking at other drivers on the road. In the same vein, if you are not focused on the road to success, you might end up not achieving all you have aspired for.

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And who said there are no potholes in the road?

There are potholes in the road but it takes a focused and determined driver to scale through them. As humans,we are bound to face challenges but as we face and tackle our challenges, we become stronger, tougher and better.

Are you a reckless driver or a careful driver?

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