Growing up as a young visionary has been one of my greatest lifetime achievements. I have carefully considered what life after school will look like and we’ll related to fulfilling of mandate in other aspects of life. Being a citizen of Nigeria isn’t a mistake but for a purpose.

It is a general acceptable knowledge that once a child can talk, he/she is being enrolled in the nearest daycare centre to be exposed to the literal understanding of life and creating a career journey for such child.

An average Nigerian child spends about 15 years from the kindergarten to the secondary level excluding years of repeating classes. Such child had been given the privilege for his understanding to be enlightened to the modern and advanced aspect of life but nevertheless, education is every child’s right.


After graduating from the secondary school, some students that can’t furthermore goes to learn a trade of their choice while the capable and privilege ones proceed into any tertiary institution of their choice.

Every students strive to finish up the tertiary institution as fast as possible for the joy of having a certificate is second to none. Everyday of our lives is a new episode in a chapter and has an active role to play in the journey of our lives so they must be spent wisely and lived productively.

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According to the system of Nigeria education, after graduating from any tertiary institution, the students proceed to serve their fathers land for a year before going into their career choices fully.
The Journey after their NYSC is a new chapter in the story of their lives and career and any decision taken at such time are effective and impactful.

The necessary requirements have been met and as graduates, they can be employed into several companies of their specialization but the present situation of the country on the issue of unemployment is alarming and disastrous to the people and likewise the country.

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Unemployment gives room to many indecent jobs and increases crime rate on a high percentage.
What comes into your mind as a graduate immediately you come back from NYSC? Do you arrange your credentials and go into the streets in search for a job? Do you have a job secured for you?
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