The Nation we stay in is similar residence we’ve at all times prayed and yearned for however it’s fairly unlucky that in the identical residence, the ready meals for the poor at all times goes again to the wealthy.

As a matter of reality, people are essentially the most deceitful creature on earth. We’re so imply and harmful however we assume we’re none of those after we put on our stunning however deceitful pores and skin.

All of those aforementioned attributes will be traced again to all our so known as leaders. The individuals all of us have appointed has since inception returned again to us, sufferings we don’t deserve.

What do we’ve to achieve as energetic residents?

The priorities which has been established on the very first day of our existence on earth has been exchanged with frivolities and unscrupulous supplies. Our particular person proposed 4 years typically turned 5 – 6 on account of the negligence the schooling sector stand to undergo in our establishments appears meaningless as we comeby completely different tales which aren’t even elevating hope as regards what we battle to grow to be.

Our hope is being shattered daily. Onerous-work appears to not befit our requirements once more, Schooling now a taboo, our roads now a stroll approach for the wealthy, residing good with our hard-earned cash now an issue as we are likely to face the “robbers in pressure clothes” day after day.

What a Nation?

I CRY for I do not know what tomorrow will grow to be of us. I CRY for our guides have misplaced their priorities. I CRY for our future is being toyed with. I CRY for we’re nonetheless within the Slavery Land but Independence in disguise.

Repeatedly, we chanted the LEADERS OF TOMORROW track whereas at school, we obtain severely, strokes of cane to re-shapen our ideas, as we additional our methods into the establishments, we battle with so many educational challenges solely as a result of we wish to fulfil future via HARD-WORK and CONSISTENCY.



Our graduates not have a spot within the financial system, they do not have a spot within the Industries, they do not have a spot in governance, infact all of us cease being the proposed leaders of tomorrow as quickly as we’re out of faculty.

Just lately, somebody received prizes price of #85mill

ion naira on account of a big gamble he received. This identical particular person was gifted a home and one other #5million naira by the Governor of his state for an occasion that wouldn’t have any substantial worth, an occasion that does not settle for and proper VALUES, an occasion that does not depicts MORALS, an occasion that doesn’t add to the struggling state of the Economic system.

What occurs to these behind doorways, voting and praying for him ?

Then, our first-class college students solely will get CONGRATULATORY MESSAGES and a lovely handshake aside from few states that can present such graduate at the least #200,000.

I CRY, A firstclass graduate after many troubled years will get #200,000 and a BBNAIJA graduate after 1 month of delight will get #90million naira price of prizes. But, a few of us who understands the impact of all of those haven’t but recovered from the oblivion we’ve lengthy sufficient been deeped in

This is not a rustic however a lottery. We make a profitable residing by probability.

To all my ever working particular person on the market, it is excessive time we started to see causes connected to our keep on this nation. We have to perceive that nobody will ever see your ache, attempt as a lot as you possibly can to provide your greatest to all you possibly can. The world can also be ready for you, do not be a spectator or a passenger, do not be that fellow that shall be screaming unnecessarily when your mates are getting buried in riches.

Be artistic at your finish with the mindset of not getting something in return from the society. Put in your perfect to grow to be the very best model of your self, our leaders usually are not price our efforts, they can not give however take.

That is to awaken our consciousness. Be it real or counterfeit, we stay in a Nation the place it is A MAN FOR HIMSELF.

Orator Shonubi Olayinka
Creative Lead,
Fresh Minds Nigeria.

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