How i speak different foreign languages – Kawthar Adeniyi

How I speaks

How I speaks

Short Interview with a young talented/gifted girl, named by *Kawthar Omolabake Adeniyi*, Popularly known as Kathylinx.

Ibdloaded News: You welcome to the Studio.

Kawthar Adeniyi: Thanks Sir.


Ibdloaded News: Yeah! We have been hearing about *Kawthar Adeniyi* who speaks different languages. Can you tell us who she is?

*Kawthar Adeniyi: Kawthar Adeniyi is a student of Lagos State University.

You can also call her *Kathylinx* .Kawthar Omolabake Adeniyi

Some people prefers to call me Kathylinx, Mama Portuguese, Polyglot Mama, Mama Fokus etc.

Her course of study is Portuguese/English.

She’s an 100 level student.

She is a Polyglot in the making. Still a beginner

She loves learning languages , acquiring skills and making friends that will make an impart in her life.

She loves teaching people that are willing to learn.

Ibdloaded News: Wow! Fantastic

Kawthar Adeniyi: Thanks Sir

Ibdloaded News: Tell us little about your background! Your First School before moving to the University and number in the family.

Kawthar Adeniyi: I attended Al-waarith Nursery and Primary school for my Primary education.

For my secondary school level, I attended a Public school and graduated 2016.
But due to some personal reasons, I couldn’t make it to the university the same year I graduated.

I sat for another SSCE examination 2017 where I cleared my papers .

2016, I started working at an institute… Pacesetters Phonics and Diction institute, Alagbado, Lagos.

2019, I sat for my Jamb though I *chose English Education* as my first choice because of my love for Oral English.

But I was given Portuguese/English (which I thank Allah for the great opportunity He has given me today).

Number : 3rd.

Ibdloaded News: So, Now! What are the view of your parents towards this course you studying?

Kawthar Adeniyi: Well… Alhamdulillah for the parents Allah has given me…

Though when I was given the admission, people started discouraging me from accepting it, but my parents especially my Mum and sister supported that I should go for my dream… That, it was Allah’s Will, he has planned Everything for me.

And I accepted the admission, after the admission, I started learning on my own… Learning different things about the language, culture and the likes.

I started speaking some Português phrases at home, teaching my family and friends..

*Ibdloaded News:* So, What are your plans in future after this course?

Kawthar Adeniyi: My plans!

Though I’ve started creating awareness for language learning through my videos and some WhatsApp groups.

1. Plan to Have a language Academy, not only for Portuguese but for all languages.

2. Introduce the teaching of Foreign Languages across schools.

3. Training people foreign language for different purposes.
Presently, I’ve started training people the Basic Phrases of Portuguese.
During the lockdown, different people invited me for a language session and webinar. And I’ve started compiling some notes though A group requested for it… It’s just 13 pages, it’s straight forward and also translated in English for Beginners..

Ibdloaded News: Kawthar Adeniyi! what can you advice the young ones that are also looking upto you as their role model and wish to learn different langues like you?

Kawthar Adeniyi: My advice to young ones:
1. Be yourself: I love being myself no matter the challenges I’m facing with…

Don’t compare yourself to others.

2. Have a good relationship with people that will impart in your life.

3. Know your worth.

4. Always appreciate yourself, self-love is essential.

5. Don’t be discourage by anybody, have a mentor…

6. Acquire skills and be creative and innovative.

Ibdloaded News: What do you have to say for *Ibdloaded News*?

Kawthar Adeniyi: IbdLoaded News!

Should I say, this is my first time of hearing that 🤔🤔

I’m speechless!!!

Well, Ibdloaded News, Thanks for this great opportunity you’ve given me today, not to only promote my videos but supporting and creating awareness for me…

I’ll forever be grateful to the brain behind this amazing Website…

Mais poder no seu cotovelo (more Power to Your elbow)

Obrigada (Thanks) in Portuguese

Merci (French)



It’s indeed a blessing from Allah.

Anchored and Reported by: Idris Oladipupo

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